Frequently Asked Questions

The basics

Q: What does ideas2pixels do?

We help individuals, startups, agencies and enterprise companies with their design needs in different areas such as branding, responsive design, mobile design, UX Design and more.

Q: Where can I get a quote?

We would be more than happy to provide you with an estimate for your project/product. Click here to go to our form.

Q: Can you make it faster?

While most of the time making a project takes time, we might be able to speed up your project. If you have already started your project just contact us inside the client area and we will talk about it with you. Remember that sometimes complying with shorter delivery dates will make your project's price increase proportionally.

Q: Do you backup my files?

Yes, we actually do. Our system keeps your files and code versions available for at least 3 months, if you lose something we can provide you with the files again. If the project is more than 3 months old, we can search the archives but it will take a while and we can 't guarantee that the files will be 100% available to you.


Q: Which forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (AMEX, VISA, Master Card) directly on our site and also payments using Paypal. We also accept bank wires for larger amounts ($1500+), let us know if you would like to pay this way so we can send you our details.

Q: How much do you charge?

The final price of your project will be calculated using the following variables: number of pages, turnaround time. The final price of your order will be confirmed by one of our project managers after reviewing the brief with you. Simple as that!

Q: When do I have to pay?

We normally work with upfront payments with our clients, but there are other contract engagement types that we also follow. If you are interested in other payment options or you are part of a company with a payments or procurement department, feel free to contact us.

Can I get a discount?

There are discount campaigns from time to time, be sure to follow us on Twitter or Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest from us.


Q: Do you take any holidays?

We take all normal Public Holidays according to Argentina's National Calendar. We will notify you if our office will be closed prior to any holiday. You can also check this website for dates.

Q: Can I request something additional?

For sure! Just include it on your project brief or client are so we can analyse it

Q: do you provide web development

Sure we do! We work with our sister company Pixel2HTML to provide web development services, we are happy to reffer to them as well.

Q: Where are you guys located?

We are everywhere, no kidding. We are a remote company. Apart from that we proud ourselves to be a remote team, we're headquarted in Buenos Aires, Argentina and London, UK. We use Argentina Standard Time (GMT -3 Hs) in all our time estimates.